You & Me


Vase-like containers, open for all kinds of fillings that want to be preserved, protected and stored.

The ceramic container creates an interior space that is symbolic of a room for thoughts that can spit out, empty out and give back what has been stored.

An exchange of inner and outer - a continuous game.


Home of thoughts, 2018/19 ceramic, glaze


Corina Staubli, Kunstraum Egg, 2019, exhibition view

V5, 35 x 29 x 44 cm

V1, 38 x 27 x 43 cm

V4, 38 x 27 x 43 cm

V6, 28 x 22 x 33 cm

V3, epoxy resin, 32 x 28 x 42 cm

Corina Staubli, Kunstraum Egg, 2019, exhibition view

Home of thouths V7, 2019, 3D print,

surface rubberized also for exterior area

 120 x 100 x 80 cm

V7, 3D print, 120 x 100 x 80 cm

The unique ceramic, scanned and inflated using a 3D printing process, allows the inner space, the space of thoughts to expand beyond its boundaries. Open for exchange and reflection with your counterpart. Ideas and utopias can be conceived and are given room to bloom. The possibilities are endless.






Faces of women’s portraits look mysteriously out of a vessel-like shell, which stands as a symbol for the boundaries that separate us from the outer world. She forms an inner space, which provides protection, but also space for thoughts that are stored, twisted, and spilled over again.

It is a continuous exchange of the inner with the outer world, between «you and me».


spillover, 2019, mixed media, direct print on Dibond, overpainting acrylic und epoxy resin


Meta, 80 x 60 cm

Mia, 80 x 60 cm

Ona, 80 x 60 cm

Leda, 80 x 60 cm

Sia, 80 x 60 cm

Lia, 80 x 60 cm